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Multi-Mission Combat Ship

Multi-Mission Combatant

Lockheed Martin’s Multi-mission Combat Ship (MCS) is a highly maneuverable, multi-role combatant with shallow draft, automation, flexible crew size, and leading edge / open technology to integrate systems, sensors, and weapons capabilities.

Built on Lockheed Martin’s expertise with the US Navy’s littoral shipbuilding program, MCS is a next generation surface combatant that delivers maximum firepower tailored to partner navies’ requirements.  There is current interest in hull lengths from 85 meters to 118 meters; the hull is proved from 67 meters to 150 meters at various displacements.

MCS’ reconfigurable hull design and open integration, multi-mission capability enables the simultaneous conduct anti-air, mine countermeasures, anti-surface, anti-submarine, and electronic warfare tasks.  Its large aviation flight deck and hangar for manned and unmanned platforms supports dual air vehicle operations. MCS’ versatile stern ramp, launch and recovery system, and flexible / modular capacity support maritime security, unmanned systems, and special operations missions.   

With proven combat management system lineage and prioritization of command and control features for smaller crews, Lockheed Martin’s MCS has the interoperability necessary for today’s joint and allied naval force maneuvers.



Freedom Goes Island Hopping

Nation’s first Littoral Combat Ship visits Guam as part of deployment to Southeast Asia