Dual Mode Plus


Dual Mode Plus
Dual Mode Plus leverages the enhanced per- formance of Lockheed Martin’s combat-proven laser guided bomb (LGB) to provide the lowest cost, all-weather direct attack capability available today.


Provides Greater Mission Flexibility

The Dual Mode Plus combines semi-active laser (SAL) terminal guidance with inertial navigation system (INS)/global positioning system (GPS) guidance for precision strike against high priority fixed, relocatable and moving targets.

Dual Mode Plus provides greater mission flexibility through a launch acceptable region larger than other dual mode weapons, increased standoff and cross-range capability. Warfighters will be able to maximize operational effectiveness through use of a single weapons loadout rather than a combined loadout of our LGBs and JDAM munitions.

By maintaining existing laser guided bomb mass properties, outer mold line and compatibility with the existing airfoil group, Dual Mode Plus integrates seamlessly with aircraft currently employing our affordable laser guided bombs and JDAM/Laser JDAM-type direct attack munitions. The system minimizes impact to existing logistics infrastructure and handling and is fully compatible with 500-lb, 1,000-lb and 2,000-lb warheads.


Photo Gallery
  • Dual Mode Plus

    Lockheed Martin’s Dual Mode Plus is an affordable and logical evolution in direct attack capability. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)
  • Dual Mode Plus

    Dual Mode Plus uses inertial guidance with GPS updates to shape flight path for target engagement at desired impact heading and dive angle. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)
  • Dual Mode Plus

    Dual Mode Plus integrates seamlessly with aircraft employing Lockheed Martin Laser Guided Bombs.


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